Lessons Library

Lesson 1 - Profile Perfect

Learn how to complete your user and studio profile.

Lesson 2 - Setting Up Shop

Learn how to set up a payment provider so you can start selling prints and accepting payment.

Lesson 3 - Your First Event

Create your first event and start adding photos into the collection.

Lesson 4 - Tagging Basics

Manage and organize your photos with Tags. No more rigid folders!

Lesson 5 - Proofing for Pros

The Proofing Gallery gives your clients a chance to give you feedback about each photo and also gives them the option to download digital versions to keep.

Lesson 6 - Price Sheets and Print Sales

Set up custom price sheets and make sure that all your print fulfillment details are tailored to your business needs.

Lesson 7 - GUEST APP 101

The Snapshots app brings your pro photos and your guest photos together on one platform!

Lesson 8 - Snapshots TV

Snapshots TV is a whole new album viewing experience for your clients and their friends.

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