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  1. Am I required to download software in order to use Snapshots?

  2. Are there commission charges?

  3. Are there limitations to file size and file type?

  4. Can clients download their favorited photos?

  5. Can clients leave a note on each photo?

  6. Can clients or guests leave comments on photos with the Snapshots App?

  7. Can guest photos be purchased?

  8. Can I add a caption to photos in the gallery?

  9. Can I add vendors for an event using the Snapshots App?

  10. Can I caption photos afer I upload them?

  11. Can I change an event's information after it has been created?

  12. Can I change or cancel my order after it's been submitted?

  13. Can I change the cover photo after it has been set?

  14. Can I change the credit card I have on file?

  15. Can I delete a photo a guest has uploaded?

  16. Can I delete a photo I uploaded?

  17. Can I delete a photo that I posted to the event gallery?

  18. Can I delete comments I have posted?

  19. Can I delete events?

  20. Can I delete guest photos in the event gallery through the Snapshots App?

  21. Can I disable or change the password?

  22. Can I disable sharing photos?

  23. Can I download a CSV file of client favorited photos?

  24. Can I download client favorited photos?

  25. Can I download photos I've favorited?

  26. Can I filter through photos in the event gallery?

  27. Can I invite multiple clients to proof photos?

  28. Can I leave a comment for the photographer?

  29. Can I make changes to favorited photos I've submitted?

  30. Can I only view photos that I posted on the Snapshots App?

  31. Can I only view photos that I've "loved" on the Snapshots App?

  32. Can I order prints through the event's web gallery on Snapshots? If so, how?

  33. Can I order prints through the Snapshots App? If so, how?

  34. Can I password protect events and make the private?

  35. Can I play a slideshow of photos?

  36. Can I purchase photos shot by guests in Snapshots?

  37. Can I rearrange photos in a proofing gallery?

  38. Can I rearrange photos in a proofing gallery?

  39. Can I rearrange the photos after they've been uploaded?

  40. Can I reorganize photos in the event gallery with the Snapshots App?

  41. Can I set my own prices?

  42. Can I share photos from Snapshots? If so, on what plaforms?

  43. Can I swipe through photos?

  44. Can I tag photos to group them?

  45. Can I take a photo using Snapshots?

  46. Can I upload multiple photos at once?

  47. Can I upload photos from mobile devices?

  48. Can I upload photos to an event gallery?

  49. Can I upload photos to the event gallery?

  50. Can I view comments clients or guests have made from the app?

  51. Can I view my photos based on categorized tags?

  52. Can I view photos based on categorized tags?

  53. Can I view photos based on categorized tags?

  54. Can I watermark my photos?

  55. Can photos be "loved" or "commented" on?

  56. Can photos be "loved" with the Snapshots App?

  57. Can photos be shared even if the gallery is password protected?

  58. Can photos be shared through the Snapshots App?

  59. Can prints be ordered from the Snapshots App?

  60. Can prints be purchased?

  61. Can the gallery be password protected?

  62. Can the type of photos be filtered on the Snapshots App?

  63. Do events expire?

  64. Do I have to use the Snapshots App?

  65. Do I need a Snapshots acount to use Snapshots TV?

  66. Do my changes auto-save while I'm proofing?

  67. Does Snapshots save my credit card information?

  68. How can I "love" a photo?

  69. How can I "un-love" a photo?

  70. How can I access the downloaded CSV file?

  71. How can I add events to my Snapshots TV account?

  72. How can I add vendor information to an event gallery?

  73. How can I cancel my Snapshots subscription?

  74. How can I download photos from a vendor gallery?

  75. How can I favorite photos?

  76. How can I invite clients to view an event gallery through the Snapshots App?

  77. How can I invite someone to view the event gallery?

  78. How can I leave a comment on a photo?

  79. How can I make a photo a cover photo?

  80. How can I only view photos I've "loved"?

  81. How can I only view photos I've taken or uploaded?

  82. How can I order prints from an event I was invited to?

  83. How can I review photos I've favorited?

  84. How can I see events that I've created?

  85. How can I share photos from an event gallery?

  86. How can I upgrade my account?

  87. How can I view a larger version of the photo?

  88. How can I view a vendor gallery?

  89. How can I view my proofing gallery?

  90. How can I view orders clients and guests have placed?

  91. How can I view other events besides my own?

  92. How do I accept payments with Stripe?

  93. How do I add photos to a proofing gallery?

  94. How do I add photos to a vendor gallery?

  95. How do I add photos to the gallery?

  96. How do I add/change my profile name?

  97. How do I collect the proceeeds from my print sales?

  98. How do I create a Snapshots account?

  99. How do I create an event?

  100. How do I invite clients and guests to view the gallery?

  101. How do I invite clients to proof their photos?

  102. How do I invite vendors to a vendor gallery?

  103. How do I link my Snapshots account to Snapshots TV?

  104. How do I log in to the Snapshots App?

  105. How do I log into my studio panel?

  106. How do I move photos into different galleries?

  107. How do I preview the proofing gallery?

  108. How do I remove photos from a proofing gallery?

  109. How do I remove photos from a vendor gallery?

  110. How do I remove photos from the gallery?

  111. How do I search for a tagged photo?

  112. How do I sell my photos?

  113. How do I sign up for Snapshots?

  114. How do I turn my storefront ON/OFF?

  115. How do I upload my photos?

  116. How do I upload/change my profile picture?

  117. How do I view a photo a guest has uploaded?

  118. How do I view a photo I've uploaded?

  119. How is sales tax determined?

  120. How many events can I create?

  121. I forgot my password!

  122. I need help. How do I contact someone from Snapshots?

  123. I see photos, but the order prints option is not available.

  124. I was invited to an event using Snapshots. Now what?

  125. Is the Snapshots App free?

  126. Is there and order minimum?

  127. It is free?

  128. Lesson 1: Profile Perfect

  129. Lesson 2: Setting Up Shop

  130. Lesson 3: Your First Event

  131. Lesson 4: Tagging Basics

  132. Lesson 5: Proofing for Pros

  133. Lesson 6: Price Sheets & Print Sales

  134. Lesson 7: GUEST APP 101

  135. Lesson 8: Snapshots TV

  136. Lessons Library

  137. What are Price Sheets?

  138. What browsers does Snapshots support?

  139. What countries is shipment available?

  140. What does favoriting photos mean?

  141. What happens when I select the "send" button?

  142. What if I don't have an iPhone or iPad?

  143. What if I haven’t recieved an event code for an event?

  144. What is "Edit Collection"?

  145. What is a cover photo and what is it used for?

  146. What is an event code and where do I enter it?

  147. What is default pricing?

  148. What is Snapshots?

  149. What is the difference between "My Photos" and "Guest Photos"?

  150. What is the Vendor Book?

  151. What platforms is Snapshots TV available on?

  152. What platforms is the Snapshots app available on?

  153. What social platforms can I share photos to?

  154. What territories is Snapshots available in?

  155. What type of plans do you offer?

  156. When will my credit card be charged?

  157. Where are my photos stored?

  158. Where can I download the Snapshots App?

  159. Where can I download the Snapshots App?

  160. Where can I download the Snapshots TV app?

  161. Where can I sell my photos?

  162. Where can I update my studio logo and information?

  163. Where do I view client favorited photos?

  164. Who fulfills print orders?

  165. Who owns the copyright to my photos?

  166. Who pays for shipping on orders placed?

  167. Who should I contact if there is an issue with my order?

  168. Why are uploads taking a long time?

  169. Why do my photos say "Processing"?

  170. Why do some photos say "Error Uploading"?

  171. Will I receive a receipt with my purchase?

  172. Will I receive confirmation that my order has shipped?

  173. Will my watermark appear on all photos downloaded from the gallery?

  174. Will photos uploaded via the Snapshots App still be watermarked?

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